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Are you interested in writing hard science SF novels?

If you are, consider joining the SFNovelist writing workshop, an online writing group dedicated to novelists who write 'hard science' SF.
Scope of the group
The focus of the group is writing novels of hard science SF, where the science is believable, with a wink toward FTL (faster than light travel).

Specifically excluded are SF Fantasy or SF Horror.

The minimum length of the "completed" work must be over 17,500 words. Submissions may be smaller if they are chapters of the overall work.

What about my copyright protection if a group reads my writing?
Some writers worry about forfeiting publication rights if their submissions are read by a wide audience. The best way to avoid that is to have a closed group, i.e., only those who participate by writing critiques will be allowed to see the submissions. This eliminates the merely curious readers. To achieve that, participation will be monitored and nonworkers will be dropped.

On our Web page, passwords are required in order to access submissions and critiques.

How much work do I have to do to remain a member?
Since novels require so much work, and critiques are so important, we use a 'standard critique ratio' rule. That way, you must submit critiques of submissions of a certain number of words before you can submit your own piece. See the Rules page for more details.
How does the qroup work?
Once you have earned enough "critique words" to your credit, you can submit a piece to the Submissions Chair, who will verify that it is coming from a valid member. Then he/she will then send the submission out to all members. Members have the option of reading or not reading each submission.

Members send their critiques of that submission to the Critique Chair, who will forward them to you, the author. That way, we can keep track of how many critiques a member sends as well as make sure that only currently valid members see the submissions and the critiques.

Free Trial Membership
You can start off with a FREE three-month trial membership. During that time you can enjoy most of the privileges of membership, except you cannot submit your own work until you pay the monetary dues.

During your trial membership period, you must send in at least one critique. There are additional critiquing requirements once you pay your dues. This keeps casual readers out and protects your publication rights.

Additional information
See the FAQ for some Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Rules are simple and are designed to protect your publication rights.

Visit our Library page for suggestions on several excellent technical books to help in your research, as well as books to help in the writing itself. SFN members suggest some fiction for your own reading interest, or to study how the recognized masters do it.

Will you join us?
Ours is an elite group. We all know that writing hard science SF novels is demanding. The standards in our genre are very high and writing a novel is takes much more work and professional discipline than writing short stories. Only a small percentage of all SF writers can do what we do and as a result, the demand for our products is high in the marketplace. You have every right to be proud of what you are writing. Keep it up!

Does this sound like a group that you would like to join and enjoy?

If so, click inquiry.htm

If you know of anyone who might be interested in this group, please feel free to let them know of us.

Thank you for your time. We hope we can be of help to you in your writing career!

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