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If you have not read our Official Rules of Membership yet, do so now.

Copy the following Agreement paragraph into your return email:


    Yes, I have read the rules of the SFNovelist
    writing workshop and agree to abide by them. My
    name and email address are:

	__ For your membership records, use my real name of:
	__ No, I want to use my penname of:

Please note: If you wish to have your penname used instead of your real name, you MUST tell us that when you join. We cannot change it later. Once you choose a name, all your submissions and critiques will be logged under that name and we cannnot change that later. We recommend using your real name unless you have established a reputation with your penname and wish to use that instead.

Send your agreement to our Membership Chair at Join-SFN.

Paste the Agreement paragraph into the body of your email message.

Please put "Joining SFNovelist" in the SUBJECT line of your message. If you click on the above link, that text will be added to your Subject line automatically.

We look forward to hearing from you. Once you send in your agreement to abide by the workshop rules, you will receive an email with more information and become a member. You will also be able to join our lively discussions on the craft and business of writing fiction.

You can test our waters by sending in a submission (up to the limit in words for new members).

Then you can start downloading your choice of manuscripts to critique. After you accumulate enough "critique credits", you can start sending in additional parts of your own writing for feedback.

Please browse our site for further details of how the members use this workshop, how to prepare critiques, etc.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing your work!

Yours truly,

Victory Crayne, President, SFNovelist.com

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