2010 Short Story Contest

Entries in the 2010 Short Story Contest
of SFNovelist.com

In June, 2010, our annual Short Story Contest was held as a diversion from our normal writing as novelists.

Theme: Space Opera

The Judge: John Bowers

The results:
Placing Title Author
1 Periaster Keith Howington
2 Spads' Revenge David Rose
3 Destiny's Doorstep Don Muchow
4 (tie) Humanities Champion Christine Golden
4 (tie) Victory Crisis Richard Womack
6 Space Redneck Malcolm Macdonald
7 Hester Jim Gamble
8 Lost in the Big Bamboo Richard Winder
9 This Is Not a Suicide Mission Leon Schoenfeld
10 A Respectable Profit Bruce Davis
11 Deadly Decoy Jane Whittier (Malka Schaps)

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