2008 Short Story Contest

Entries in the 2008 Short Story Contest
of the SFNovelist Writing Workshop

In June, 2008, our annual Short Story Contest was held as a diversion from our normal writing as novelists.

Theme: Extremes

The Judge: Don Muchow

The results:
Placing Title Author
1 Family Matters James Gamble
2 The Matriarch Jeff Robinson
3 Coming Home Keith Howington
4 Nobody at Home Richard Winder
5 Solitude Vern McGeorge
6 Apihelion Bruce Davis
7 The Hygienist Howard Johnson
8 Heat Allan Kalar
9 Extreme Paintball Gene McCurty
10 Under Pressure James Gamble
11 In Transit Richard Winder
12 Fu2 Richard Womack
13 Arse and All Ken Brody
14 The Extremist Richard Winder
15 Bad Gods David Rose
16 Scarlet Scented Sundays Richard Womack
17 The New Job Howard Johnson
18 The Switch Howard Johnson
19 Driving the Tranquility Road Bruce Davis
20 Color My World Purple Howard Johnson

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