2003 Short Story Contest

Entries in the 2003 Short Story Contest
of the SFNovelist Writing Workshop

In June, 2003, our annual Short Story Contest was held as a diversion from our normal writing as novelists.

This year's theme: Strange Frontiers

The Judge: Don Muchow

The results:
Placing Title Author
1 Prima Dominion Jeff Johnson
2 To Bee or Not To Bee David Harris
3 Out of Their Depth D. Keith Howington
4 A World Without Boats Michael Martineck
5 Redemption Fields Dave Mascone
6 The Crooked House John Koehler
7 Hobson's Choice John Koehler
8 Pallbearer For Humanity John Koehler
9 A Normal Family May Wasserman
10 An Old Fashioned Chat May Wasserman
11 The Hand That Never Ended Joe Brindley
12 The Fate of Michael Valencia Dave Mascone
13 Billy the Kink Richard Womack
14 Build A Baby Robert Hurst
15 Krang Howard Johnson
16 Ring of Time D. Keith Howington

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