2002 Short Story Contest

Entries in the 2002 Short Story Contest
of the SFNovelist Writing Workshop

On October 31, 2002, our annual Short Story Contest was held as a diversion from our normal writing as novelists.

This year's theme: The Return.

The Judge: Don Muchow

The results:
Placing Title Author
1 Jenny Victory Crayne
2 Serenade Michael Martineck
3 Second Chance at Forever Robert August
4 Alien John Koehler
Honorable Mention (ranked in order):
  The Professional Richard Womack
  Captain Cook Retires Jeff Johnson
  Promised Land Ian Sales
  The Return of Francis T. McCracken Bruce Davis
  Level Seven David Harris
  Broken Arrow Bob Hurst
Others (ranked in order):
  Snuckles Michael Martineck
  Death Wish Jeff Robinson
  Clowning Glory Richard Womack
  The Fifth Edge Ken Brody
  Choice Richard Womack
  Homecoming Ian Sales
  Return to Dereth Bruce Davis
  Zookeeper Victory Crayne
  Dead Soldier Brian Otridge
  The Gold Feather Howard Johnson
  No Bomb Needed Howard Johnson

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