2001 Short Story Contest

Entries in the 2001 Short Story Contest
of the SFNovelist Writing Workshop

On October 8, 2001, our annual Short Story Contest was held as a diversion from our normal writing as novelists.

This year's theme: First Contact.

The results:
Placing Title Author
1 The Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Ken Brody
2 Voyage of the White Plum Michael Martineck
3 Tears of Krishna Don Muchow
4 Greetings & Salutations David Sperry
5 Elements of a Champion Michael Martineck
6 First Cont'act John Bowers
7 A Failure to Communicate Jeff Robinson
8 The Cowboy Solution Ken Brody
9 Toys Are U.S. Howard Johnson
10 Hello Humanity Richard Womack
11 I Love Lucy Williard Wells
12 Witness Ian Sales
13 A Man Without a Universe Victory Crayne
14 Leave the Light On David Harris
15 Human Nature Tierry
16 Vagabonds Jeff Johnson
17 The Sky-Trog People Daniel Turner
18 Divine Comedy, Take Two Don Muchow
19 Dimensional Conflict Hoyt Brown
20 The Interview Ian Sales
21 A Glass, Shattered Sean Barrett
22 Flowers for Nibrof Jeff Parker
23 World Trade Center Eric Vesely
24 Sensory Suation Richard Womack
25 Music Peter Kelly

The judging was done without knowledge of the authors' names. The sole judge of the contest was John Koehler. The winners were selected on the basis of:
  • 75% on writing skills
  • 25% on theme, SF content, originality and entertainment value.
All the contributors were members of the SFNovelist writing workshop as of October 1, 2001.

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