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  1. Dues are $10 per year, US currency. This is only 83 cents a month.
  2. In return, you can receive valuable feedback on your writing from other member writers.

    You also receive emails from our discussion group on the craft of writing as well as the business of writing.

    You can also participate in our annual short story contest, which pays cash for the top prizes.

  3. You must critique to remain a member.
  4. Since this is a critique group, you must critique to remain a member. Other members depend on your participating to get feedback on their writing. Learning how to critique is a valuable part of your skill set as a writer.

    Those who are in their free six-month trial membership and have NOT critiqued will be dropped. They are obviously not participating.

  5. How to pay
  6. Once you become a member, you can pay dues can be paid by check or via PayPal. Instructions will be provided to members.

    If you live outside the United States, you must pay via PayPal. If you live in a country which does not support payments via PayPal, you must find a bank that will allow you to mail a check in US currency.

- Victory Crayne, President

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