Benefits of being a member of SFNovelist

1. Get feedback on your writing by submitting sections of your novel for critiques. This is the fastest way to find weakness in your writing skills.
2. See how other writers are presenting their novels by preparing critiques.
3. Participation in our annual short story contest. This can help you in two ways:
  • Recognition on the contest web page.
  • Practice in writing concisely and to the point in few words. This skill in sharpness and crispness can help you in your novel.
4. Participation in our writing exercises.
5. Tap into the collective wisdom of our writing community on how to develop your writing skills.
  • Find solutions to writing problems, for example, the discussions we've had entitled 'thoughts on thoughts' or 'tense about tense.'
  • Solve technical problems, for example, population density on a spaceship and artificial gravity -- its dependence on radius from the axis and weird effects of Coriolis force.
6. Learn from the experiences of others on how to publish your fiction.
7. Tap into members reading experience: what's already been published on some topic, for example, time reversal.
8. Learn by teaching. Teaching novices is almost as beneficial to the teacher as it is to the novice. When you point out a weakness in someone's writing, you become more sensitive to that in your own writing.

All this for only one dollar a week!

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