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Anthology of SF short stories
by members of SFNovelist.com
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Horizons (ISBN 978-0-615-43335-6)

Horizons, edited by Jim Gamble, Richard Winder, and Bruce Davis, is a collection of science fiction stories chosen from those entered in contests in SFNovelist.com in the years 2001-2009.

This group was established with the mission of helping scifi writers better their craft. Several members are published in other venues and many are successul and recognized professionals in science, industry, and academia.

Victory Crayne is the founder and president of the SFNovelist.com. She may be reached at: victory@crayne.com or at her web page at Victory Page for Fiction Writers.

Publishing Information
Sorry, but this book has only been available as advanced reader copies for the authors.
Published copies will be available soon.

Table of Contents

A Failure to Communicate © Jeff Robinson
A Glass, Shattered © Sean Barrett
A World without Boats © Michael J. Martineck
Alien Alliance © Richard Womack
Aphelion © Bruce Davis
Arse and All © Ken Brody
Bad Gods © David Rose
Benthic Rhapsody © Bruce Davis
Blind Delivery © Keith Howington
Clowning Glory © Richard Womack
Couatl © Don Muchow
Dialogues © Jeff A. Robinson
Drone Jockey © Malcolm Mann
Elements of a Champion © Michael J. Martineck
Family Matters © Jim Gamble
Fu2 © Richard Womack
Harmless © Don Muchow
Heat © Al Philipson
’Merican Way © Jim Gamble
Naïveté © Richard Winder
No Dice © Richard Womack
Nobody@home © Richard Winder
Senex © Keith Howington
Sweet Sixteen © David Harris
The Buddhas of the Past © Don Muchow
The Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman © Ken Brody
The Hygienist © Howard Johnson
The Prize Beyond the Gate © Jeff A. Robinson
The Thousand-Year Door © Don Muchow
The Venerable Reed © Richard Womack
Thistles And Figs © Jim Gamble
Trojan Horse © Bruce Davis
Truckin’ Off to Kalimbog © Bruce Davis
Two Left Feet © Christine Lajoie Golden  

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