1999-2000 Anthology

"The Best of Times"

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Anthology of SF short stories
by members of SFNovelist.com
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The Best of Times (ISBN 0-971-25010-3) is published by
Small Potatoes Press at muchow@earthlink.net

The Best of Times, edited by Victory Crayne, is a collection of science fiction stories chosen from the 1999-2000 winners in short story contests. The themes of those contests (and the book) were time travel and alternate life forms.

This group was established with the mission of helping scifi writers better their craft. Several members are published in other venues and many are successul and recognized professionals in science, industry, and academia.

Victory Crayne is the founder and president of the SFNovelist.com. She may be reached at: victory@crayne.com or at her web page at Victory Page for Fiction Writers.

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Table of Contents
2000 Contest: Time Travel

"Whenever" by Gil C. Schmidt

"Old Fashioned Hospitality" by Richard Womack

"Pan Asterides" by Bruce Davis

"A Week with Angel" by Kobus de Villiers

"The Fool" by Don Muchow

"Time" by Jeff Johnson

"The No Spin Zone" by Jeff Parker

"Oedipus Androgene" by Dan Turner

"Swimming Against the Current" by Mark Daniels

"A Matter of Perception" by Marla Anderson

1999 Contest: Life Forms

"It's Time" by Gil C. Schmidt

"Gazus" by Jeff Johnson

"A Hole in the Sky" by Bruce Davis

"Growing" by Richard Womack

"Conversation with an Uncle on the Occasion of His Passing" by Don Muchow

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